Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of work can you do?
A: I do pretty much any work that involves your house. I specialize in restoration and repairs. I'll do anything from a list of small items needed around the house to fixing a roof leak. I also do remodeling like kitchens and bathrooms. I build great decks and I can finish your basement. I can replace your windows or doors. If you need flooring or trim I can do that too.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, I'm insured for any remodeling job.

Q: What areas do you serve?
A: I serve Montgomery and bucks counties. But I've been known to travel a little further sometimes. I've done jobs in the North East and as far up as Jim Thorpe.

Q: Are you Licensed or Registered?
A: Yes. I'm Registered with PA and have all the requirements needed to be a Home Improvements Contractor.

Q: Are your hours flexible?
A: Yes. I understand that some customers aren't comfortable with workers inside their house when their not home. I'm willing to work on the weekends to satisfy the homeowner’s request.

Q: What kind of quality do you do?
A: I do get this question alot and the answer is GREAT! I always do all my work by the code in the area's I work. Most of the time I do more then what the codes ask.

Q: Do you Garuntee your work?
A: I do offer Warranties for all my work. The warranties vary between structrual work and non structural work.

Q: What experience do you have?
A: I have 15 years of experience. I graduated from Northern Montgomery County Technical Career Center. During school I was in a Co-op program in the carpenter class they offered. The Co-op program offered schooling for half the week and in the field training the other half of the week. Upon graduation I went full time into remodeling. I did additions, kitchens, bathrooms, decks and basements. After three years of that I felt the need to learn how to build homes and buildings. So I joined a company building custom homes. After five years in the field I joined the union as a journeyman and did residential and commercial buildings. While working with the union I restored and built many town homes. I was part of building 300+ unit apartment buildings. I built metal frame commercial buildings. Installed trim and doors of all kinds. Worked on a casino. I even hung mirrors, and did bathroom and kitchen accessories. During my work with the union I took upgrading journeyman courses were I received certifications. One of my certifications is in hardware another is in trim work and I have another certification in supertendant training. After six years in the field (11 years ago), I started side work and it now turned into a small business. I've done a lot of projects and enjoy doing them. I'm very familiar and comfortable with this line of work.